Wash, Lube & Tune

Normal wash
Lubrication and maintenance on drive train
Check and set gears
Align brakes for improved efficiency
Re inflate tyres to appropriate pressure

Normal Service

Checking that wheels are true and hubs, spokes, rims and tyres for damage.
Alignment of brakes and checking operation and effectiveness.
Lubricating chain and checking for wear.
Inspecting brake pads for wear and damage.
Setting gear stops and adjustment of indexing.
Checking front chain-wheel, rear sprockets/cassette for wear.

Full Service

Brake and shifting adjustments
Safety inspection
Minor wheel truing
Service any loose bearings on:
Remove both axles, degrease and inspect bearings
Remove cassette and inspect freehub for signs of wear
Headset removed, cleaned, re-greased if applicable, refitted and checked for movement